Which information is in a fake high school certificate?

Whether you forgot where you used to store your certificates and important papers or you still have your diplomas but they’re very worn from time and other factors and just want a brand new- looking replacement to hang on your office’s wall; the best solution for your problems is to buy a fake high school certificate. But if you’re going to spend money on it, make sure it looks like the real deal, here’s what you need to look for in a convincing fake high school certificate.


The first thing you’ll notice is included in a fake high school certificate, as it is included in the original document, is the location. The city and the state must always be present in printed official documents regarding any education level, this is because there may be a few schools around the country that share the same name, and it’s important to be accurate as to which one you attended.

The location can be in big, curly letters or in a smaller font included in the description of the certificate right before the date and the signatures. When buying a fake high school certificate make sure the location appears somewhere, preferably where it appears on the original document.

School’s name

This one might be a pretty obvious one but it’s never a bad idea to remind you that any good fake high school certificate must include the school’s name. In fact, the school’s name must be in a noticeably different font, standing out from the rest of the information. Another thing you must keep in mind if you’re going to purchase a high school certificate replica is that you must check the school’s name. Sure there are many schools which name everybody seems to know, but the complete legal name might be slightly different, so look it up or if you still have the original certificate with you make sure it matches the fake one.

Your personal information

Another seemingly obvious point on the list, you should always double check your personal information. When requesting a fake high school certificate you must provide the website with your full name, maybe your student ID at the time and other personal information that only you’ll remember. So once you send out the information make sure you didn’t make a typo, spelling mistake or omit a middle name.  


When sending out the details you want included on your fake high school certificate, it’s important that you be thorough with the date you graduated. If you have the original document with you and you’re just looking to replace it it’s no problem, just check the date and send it out. But if you lost the certificate you’re going to have to dig deep in your memory for the exact date, if you still have other paperwork regarding your high school time it might help you find it and if you have a friend who still holds the certificate you can ask them for the date.


This part of a fake high school certificate might be a little tricky. Imagine how hard it is to make a signature, if you’re not good at it the website you buy your fake certificate from will be able to sign it for you with realistic, hand strokes, but they’re not going to fake a real person’s signature because it’s illegal. You can also ask for the certificate with the signature lines blank and try to make them yourself, this part is totally up to you.


Finally we have the seals, any official certificate has a seal, and if you’re looking at a very convincing fake high school certificate it will have a realistic, “puffy” gold foil seal. Websites can make a personalized seal with the school’s emblem or they can use a more general one. The important part is that the seal is not printed along with the rest of the certificate because it will look fake. In fact, there are sites that even sell the seals separately in case you need them for something. There you go! These are the main details you should pay attention before buying or accepting your order of a fake high school diploma. Once all of the things on this list are correct you should be holding in your hands a document that everyone will see as the real thing.

Author: Donnell Kirby

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