What can you do with a fake IQ certificate?

There are tons of fake certificates for sale in hundreds of websites. Some of them regarding personal information and most of them with academic themes, but there’s also documents like the fake IQ certificate. An IQ (full name Intellectual Quotient) test is designed to measure a person’s learning capabilities, which can be an indirect measure for someone’s intelligence or wit. They’re often used as a part of a job application, school placement or for mental health purposes. Keep reading to find out other cool ways, for both fun and emotional support, in which you can use a fake IQ certificate.

To tease your friends

If you think of yourself as the unofficial annoying friend in your friends group, you’re probably always thinking of new and fun ways to tease the others and get a laugh out of everyone. But we know you probably already ran out of ideas, then we recommend using a fake IQ certificate. Ask for one using your friend’s personal information and choose the lowest score possible.

Gift the fake IQ certificate to your friend on a gag gift exchange and make sure the group knows their score. This can be an original, new way to tease! 

To prank people

Just as you can use a fake IQ certificate to tease a friend by giving him/her the lowest score possible, you can buy one to prank people about your outstanding intelligence. You can find a template or buy a certificate online, enter your information and give yourself an exaggeratedly high score.

This also works perfectly if you’re looking for a cool and fun Halloween costume idea, you can use your fake IQ certificate, a chunky pair of glasses, a red bowtie with a vest and a pair of suspenders to dress up as a “certified genius”.

To brag

Imagine that you’ve been invited to a party filled with people with fancy titles and all related to science fields or something you don’t share. Unless you know them well you’ll probably feel a little bit like an outcast, but there’s a cool way you can break the ice and integrate with the group using a fake IQ certificate.

You just have to order said document and take it with you, once they start talking about their achievements and so, there will come a time when everyone looks at you and asks “what about you?”. You’ll just have to take out your fake IQ certificate and say “Well, I’m a genius like all of you!” We don’t guarantee people will buy it, but we guarantee a few laughs.

Boost your confidence You know how some people like to hang motivational phrase posters on their walls, doors and lockers? That’s because having a visual reminder of positive or motivational things can instantly boost your self confidence and morale. Instead of having a poster with a little kitten in it, you can buy a fake IQ certificate framed in your wall to remind yourself of your value and

Author: Donnell Kirby

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