Ways to use a fake birth certificate

Our birth certificate is the first official document we receive after being born, it’s considered the first piece of paper that credits our identity and where we come from. Lots of people feel the need to prove their identity or their roots in a more informal and meaningful way, that’s why we want to show you creative ways to use a fake certificate of birth.

For your pet

If you’re one of those people who absolutely adore their pet this idea might be funny. Nowadays, more and more people have changed the way they own and take care of their pets. Dogs, cats, ferrets and even rabbits are part of the family, with their own clothes, special food, medicine, hair care, treats, toys and more.

If you think your pet should be officially a part of the family, a fun and sentimental way to accomplish this is by holding a ceremony to award your pet its own fake birth certificate. Include your pet’s date of birth if you know it or at least the year, the place where they were born and of course their full name with the family’s last name. 

For your kid’s dolls

Kids can learn a lot from playing, in fact, playing games and with dolls is the best way for kids to learn social skills and good behaviours. If your kids have lots of dolls and love them like they were real babies, a cool way to connect with them, do something different and make them feel like they are in control of something is by having an “adoption ceremony” for the dolls.

Create or buy a fake certificate of birth for each of your kid’s dolls with the date you purchased them or they were gifted to your kid, the full given name and things like parents’ name and weight. Your kids will feel proud and gain a sense of responsibility.

To prank your siblings

The relationship you have with your siblings is hard to fake, it’s a natural flow of both love and teasing that only brothers and sisters understand. If you’re particularly good at the teasing and pranking side of a relationship with your siblings, you can have a little fun using a novelty certificate of birth.

If you have a brother or sister that you’re always teasing for looking very different than the rest, for liking weird things and you have a constant joke of how he/she’s the adopted one; prank them with a fake certificate of birth stating they were born in a crazy place or from different parents. Just remember to keep the prank light and only use the document for funny purposes!

To prank friends

Another fun idea for the prankster type of people. If you consider yourself a funny person who likes to make others crack up from the moment you meet them, a fake birth certificate can help you prank people on another level. Let’s say you meet someone and say you’re 20 years older than what you really are, or that you were born on the other side of the world. Naturally, this would be hard to believe, but once you take out your fake certificate of birth people are amazed and you can continue pranking them for a while, finally cracking everybody up.

There are very clever and creative ways you can take advantage of a fake birth certificate on a daily basis. Whether you decide on buying one online or using a template, this kind of documents can have a very personal meaning for little kids or your close family. Just remember they shouldn’t be used to try to fake a person’s identity for official purposes.

Author: Donnell Kirby

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