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Have you ever dreamed of getting your name on a fancy college diploma? How about a diploma for graduate studies? Maybe like George Costanza you have imagined calling yourself an “architect” or placing those desirable “M.A.” or “Ph.D.” letters after your name. You probably know people who paid a lot of money for their education and now they get the chance to display their academic achievements on a wall. A fancy diploma protected by an expensive, customized frame. Live the dream by getting your own replica diploma online!

What is a replica diploma?

It is an official-looking piece of paper that advertises academic credentials that you do not possess. They include your name and the information of a possibly fake school, along with a seal of some sorts. However, the key here is “official-looking”: this type of diploma is not a substitute for an academic degree nor it is meant to be used as a real diploma. It is merely a decorative piece of paper meant for fun, decoration, a prank or other non-official uses. Anyone can have a fun replica diploma that says anything that they would like it to say.

For example, imagine that you want to prank a friend or celebrate their birthday. You can order a replica diploma online that has your friend’s name! If your friend is well known to be fascinated with electrical engineering, maybe this replica diploma can commemorate this fact. Why not order a diploma that says that your friend has a “Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering” with a minor in “computer science”, a second favorite subject of theirs? Wouldn’t that be fun?

However, replica diplomas can have more practical uses. While they are not to be used to pretend to have academic credentials that the individual does not have (for example, pretending to have a Bachelor of Science when the individual did not attend university), sometimes replica diplomas can be used as a backup or a duplicate of the original diploma conferred by an institution.

Let’s say you have mounted a copy of your Bachelor’s Degree on your home wall but you want to have another copy to place in your office. By ordering a replica diploma, you can reproduce your real diploma for display purposes. Imagine that you are a museum or a library and want to display a copy of a college diploma of someone important but that the original copy is in a poor state. Mounting the original diploma on a wall would be too risky: the original document could break, or it might be too aged to look decent on display. This is where a replica diploma can save the day! The institution can mount the replica diploma on the wall without concerns for the original document’s safety.

In any case, the vast majority of people have replica diplomas made for their own enjoyment. With a little bit of imagination and a good sense of humour, you could have a degree in pancake-making or in sleeping in late from a make believe institution. When it comes to replica diplomas, the sky’s the limit!