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What is a Replacement Diploma?

You worked hard to obtain your degree, whether it is a bachelor’s, a master’s or a doctorate. Yet something happened to your diploma: it got lost, maybe it got damaged in a flood or fire, or maybe you need an additional copy for a new employer. Perhaps you got married and you want your diploma to reflect your new last name or perhaps you never claimed your diploma in the first place! Replacement diplomas can be ordered from the institution you graduated from.

Universities charge anywhere between $50 and $100 for a replacement diploma. However, the process of ordering a replacement diploma is not as easy as it is to request graduation. Your university will require you to fill out a replacement order form, which can usually be filled online. You will have to fill out a document called Statutory Declaration to justify the need for a replacement diploma. This document includes an affidavit signed by a notary public, a process that requires you to spend more money. Different universities have different processing times and limitations to the conditions under which they will emit a replacement diploma. If your situation does not fall within those conditions, the university might decline issuing the replacement.

What should you do in that case? An alternative is to order a replacement diploma from a fake diploma shop because they are able to customize the diploma to your specifications and needs.

Why should you consider ordering a replacement diploma from a fake degree shop?

  • Fake or novelty diploma shops can produce a diploma faster than it will take your university to do it. Many universities use a specific printer to produce all of their diplomas and if the printer has a substantial backlog or if you need a replacement diploma at graduation time, chances are that obtaining your replacement could take weeks.
  • You do not need to sign an affidavit or pay a notary public for a declaration.
  • They can be cheaper to buy than through your university’s registrar services.
  • In case that the institution from where you obtained your degree closed, ordering a replacement diploma from an online shop might be your only choice.
  • Fake diploma websites often offer the leather diploma holders that will safeguard your diploma for the future.

Before ordering a replacement diploma online, do your research. Different shops will have different parameters for reproducing diplomas. Some shops are able to customize diplomas from most universities, but others might not. Make sure that you understand that the replacement diploma is a way of supplanting a copy of a degree you already hold. Do not make a diploma to pretend to have credentials you do not have, to dupe employers or universities.

If you need your diploma in a hurry, then speak with the diploma shop to find out the processing times for a diploma. Communicate your needs to the shop to ensure that you will have your replacement on time. You can find a suitable fake diploma shop online through Google or other search engines.