What are novelty diplomas and transcripts good for?

Throughout your life, you’ll receive and store many important documents and paperwork for different purposes. Some of them you’ll need to use or check regularly and some might feel like you’ll never use them again. When the latter happens, lots of people tend to misplace or lose their documents and it seems like it doesn’t matter. Then the day comes when you suddenly and urgently need that document that you just can’t find even after turning the house upside down.

This is a common thing when it comes to diplomas, transcripts and certificates. After you graduate and receive your paperwork, it seems like it won’t be put to use never. After all, not many companies request these papers when recruiting employees, so they start to pile up in your drawers or wherever you left them. If you’re in a pickle and you desperately need to show paperwork that credits you studied somewhere but you gave up on finding it in your house or office, novelty diplomas and transcripts are your easy choice.

Using one for school

If you’re applying for a master’s degree, a PHD, a certificate or some other type of post-grad course; it is almost 100% certain that you’ll be required to send or show your diploma, files and grades to complete your application. Now, some schools have no problem in printing again your documents for an extra cost, but many high schools and colleges don’t print out this kind of paperwork. Maybe because you graduated a long time ago and they don’t keep record too far behind or maybe you don’t even remember certain details needed to request the documents. Either way, novelty diplomas and transcripts have the general information regarding the time you went to a certain school, as well as your grades; all of this in a very convincing and professional presentation.

Using for Job Promotions

Another situation in which you might find you need novelty diplomas and transcripts to save your life is when you’re aspiring to a certain position in your professional life (i.e. trying to get promoted at work). It sounds weird but on some companies if you prove you have a degree or are certified in something, this can make you eligible for a raise or promotion at work. After all, school is meant to make us more qualified than the rest, isn’t it? Now, if you know you should be getting this bonus at work but unfortunately you can’t find your paperwork anywhere; fear no more! Novelty diplomas and transcripts can work as a replacement of your original papers if you ever need to show them for professional purposes.

Last thoughts on novelty diplomas and transcripts

Now you know two of the most common situations that will have you looking for novelty diplomas and transcripts. Just remember we’re talking about this paperwork as only a replacement of the original thing and in no way can they be used to fake studies or certificates. So if you feel like you lost all hope and you’re out of choices, check ideas for novelty documents and find the one that suits you best.

Funny ways to use novelty college degrees

We know most of the people browsing the internet for the most realistic novelty college degrees is probably going to use it to solve a pickle regarding their professional or personal life. But there’s also pretty fun ways in which you can make use of them to bond with people or straight up make fun of them in a healthy way. Keep reading to find out how to take advantage of a novelty college degree in a nonconventional way.

Great group activity

A cool thing about novelty college degrees is that they can be used to bond with the others and help create a light, amicable atmosphere among everyone. But how exactly can you achieve that? It’s quite simple.

Let’s say you’re in a class or at an office and you’re trying to make everybody not just get along but really become friends, a fun activity is to host a novelty college degrees ceremony. You can make votings beforehand to choose the funniest, the “Master of snoozing” and many other fake degrees. Integrating a group of people will not only lighten the mood, it can ultimately lead to better performance at either work or school.

Novelty college degrees are the perfect gag gifts

Christmastime is the perfect occasion for people to organize gift exchanges or even Secret Santa, this is specially fun when we’re talking about a close group of friends. If you’re in a gag gift exchange but you can’t come up with a good present that’ll really crack up the receiver and everybody else, novelty college degrees are the way to go.

Think of a very real flaw your friend possess and work with that. Remember to use very light and funny stuff and not serious or hurtful things that will make the mood tense. So, if for example your friend is the cheap one in the group, you can award him/her a “Ph.D. in saving coins” or something like that.

To make someone feel better

At some point in life, we’re all going to deal with a close friend or relative, or even our couple, going through a rough patch. When life kicks us, people react in very different ways. Some never stop smiling and having a positive attitude, some brush it off and move on, and some people feel bummed out and defeated.

If you know somebody that could use help to get out of a bad place in their life, a very recommended technique is to make them remember what they’re good at. Boosting up a person’s self confidence with a novelty college degree will not only give them the strength they need to move on, they’ll also feel loved and cherished by you. Awarding a loved one with a compliment they can always look at is a very noble thing to do.

Now you know there’s pretty cool, fun and harmless ways to use novelty college degrees. Now all you have to do is find the perfect occasion and think of that person you want to give such a “high merit” to!