Make the most out of a fake marriage certificate

The ultimate commitment you can have with another person comes in the form of a document, getting married is an act of love and compromise supposedly for life. If you want to know other fun or romantic ways to use fake marriage certificates keep reading!

A very heavy prank

This is probably a risky move, but we know there’s lots of people out there who love to prank their couples, there’s even thousands of videos online of people pranking their significant others and getting big laughs out of it.

Anyway, if you want to try this prank, all you need to do is get a fake certificate of marriage and fill it out with your partner’s and your information. Keep it stored until a time comes when your partner parties big time and ends up in a very inconvenient state (AKA drunk). The next morning when they wake up, not remembering much, congratulate them on their first day of marriage by showing them the fake marriage certificate.

If you decide to try this prank, don’t forget to tell us how it went. You can also use this prank on your parents and your in laws, at your own risk.

Movie business

The movie business is full of magic and mystery, with many people involved in making a film look so real and believable that many props are needed for it. Asides from professional documents, one of the most sought after papers is the fake certificate of marriage.  Whether it’s crucial for the scene and it will show on a close-up take or it must be in the background but you want to make sure you don’t miss any detail, you can always print or buy fake certificates using the character’s names and other information to be as accurate as possible inside the story of the movie.

Carnival games

Back in the old days, carnivals were a big happening in every town of the country. They came one time of the year with big carrousels, mysterious houses of mirrors and lots of fun games to win prizes and spend the day. One of the most popular carnival games among little girls and teenagers was the pretend wedding, the perfect chance for a girl to “marry” her school sweetheart.

If you’re hosting a carnival themed party and want to make it authentic a cool way to do it is to recreate the pretend wedding game. By that you’ll need fake certificate of marriage to give to the happy pretend couple you’ll marry, along with plastic rings and tiny veils. You’ll have a great time and make guests remember good old days.

Vows renewal

What’s more romantic than getting married? Deciding you want to get married to the same person over and over again through the course of their lives. Vow renewals are very romantic, sentimental, sentimental and tear- jerking ceremonies where two people celebrate their anniversary by remembering their wedding vows in front of relatives and close friends. If you’re going to renew your vows or know someone who will, a nice touch would be to get a fake marriage certificate and act the process again as a sign of their compromise to each other.

These kind of ceremonies are so common it’s even a thing to go to a Vegas chapel and pretend get married, they’ll hand you your new fake certificate of marriage and Elvis gets to marry you!

As you can see, there are many emotional and funny ways in which you can use a fake marriage certificate. Try one or more of them to make your life more fun and interesting!

The most prestigious universities’ fake certificates for sale you’ll find

There are thousands of Colleges and Universities around the world, all competing every year to provide the highest quality education and create the best professionists in several different areas of expertise. Being an alumni of one of the most prestigious universities in the world is considered a very high honor, but said honor is accompanied by very tough work and sometimes sums of money almost impossible to pay.

Either way, if you were one of the lucky ones who studied at one of the top colleges in the world or if you didn’t get a chance to do it but you consider yourself a prankster and want to fool your friends and relatives, there’s a cool way to have proof of your studies in your hands. Browsing the internet you’ll find tons of fake certificates for sale, including some options for the most prestigious and popular universities in the US and the UK. Keep reading to find which ones are the most wanted.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The worldly known MIT is home to some of the most brilliant minds in the fields of physics, engineering, biology, economics and administration, to name a few. If you’re looking for fake certificates for sale for MIT, considered the #1 university in the world, you’ll find dozens of websites providing this template. With its elegant, red capital letters you’ll make sure your replacement is unrecognizable, or you’ll be able to fool your friends.

Stanford University

This university found south of San Francisco is considered 2020’s second best college in the whole world. Created by a wealthy businessman in memory of his only son, Stanford University has very notable graduates in law, medicine, education and business. Several websites have very convincing fake certificates for sale with the Stanford emblem and information. If it’s always been a dream for you to study at Stanford, a fake certificate might give you the inspiration you need to obtain the real thin.


Harvard is a name everybody knows, United States’ oldest university with a reputation that makes everyone want to study there. Harvard’s burnt red branch logo will beautifully adorn any wall, so naturally you can find many websites with this school’s fake certificates for sale. If you’re a big fan of Harvard University, a good souvenir or token to show off your love for it can be a certificate.

Oxford University

This is the most prestigious university in United Kingdom and one of the best in the world. It’s also a very important one because it was founded almost a thousand years ago!  With a wide range of academic departments, getting Oxford fake certificates for sale is very common because people love the minimalistic design with the beautiful golden seal. It’s even considered a must for certificates collectors. 

These are just some of the many, many universities and colleges of which you can find fake certificates for sale. If you’re interested in one of them you’ll have no problem finding very realistic designs that will impress anyone who sees it and will fool your friends.

How to use a fake certificates template

It’s a scientific (or at least psychological) fact that awards and merits are big incentives for people who receive them. Not only do diplomas and certificates boost morale, they also lift up confidence in ourselves and make us keep trying harder to achieve our goals. They are a reminder that hard work really pays off.

Now that you know this, there are many ways in which you can use a fake certificates template at work, at home, with friends and even if you’re a teacher or impart some course. No matter the setting, certificates will make people around you feel grateful and happy. Keep reading to find how you can use hundreds of templates for fake certificates online.

Reward your kids with certificates

Raising kids can be a bit of a challenge, you’re always looking for them to do the right thing, learn good manners and overall be good people. A pretty useful raising method is the reward system, when your kids do something good that’s worth recognizing, you can use a fake certificates template to let them know they achieved a big step.

Think of the look on your kids’ face when they see a certificate rewarding them for walking the dog without skipping a day, or them getting an A at that math test they studied super hard for.

If you impart a class

You don’t have to be a fancy college or university to be able to award people with certificates. The good thing about certificates is that no matter where they’re from, they offer an instant sensation and look of professionalism.

If you impart a class of any kind like a yoga seminar, scrapbook classes, a writing course or anything else, use a fake certificates template to recognize your students in a personalized way for succesfully completing the course you imparted. This is a nice way to acknowledge their dedication and you’ll look super professional as a teacher.

Prank your friends

If you have a close group of friends you’ll know the feeling of being comfortable enough with everybody teasing each other. Good friends know your weaknesses or defects and they’re not afraid to call you on them in a funny way. When Christmas time comes it’s not uncommon for friends to want to make gift exchanges, and many of them happen to be prank gifts or gag gifts.

The best way to crack your friends up at that type of gift exchanges is using a fake certificates template but awarding them with ridiculous things, like that friend who always shows up late, that friend who gets drunk easily and the cheap friend of the group.

As a gift

A very emotive way to acknowledge a loved one’s qualities and to thank them for being in your life is using fake certificates template. Just think of it: grandma’s birthday is coming up, and you know she already has tons of chocolates, flowers and every classic gift a grandmother can get. Break the mold and become the favorite grandkid by awarding her a “The Best Grandma” certificate, or awarding her for baking the best cookies. At the end of the day close relatives will appreciate the detail and the fact that you thought of a personalized gift more than any other item.

There you have it! There are numerous ways in which you can use a fake certificates template and look professional at your work, sincere with people and caring of the ones you love. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them, and remember you can find free templates or if you want something that looks like the real thing you can always buy a template from a website and just fill out the information and print it yourself in a nice paper.

Ways to use a fake birth certificate

Our birth certificate is the first official document we receive after being born, it’s considered the first piece of paper that credits our identity and where we come from. Lots of people feel the need to prove their identity or their roots in a more informal and meaningful way, that’s why we want to show you creative ways to use a fake certificate of birth.

For your pet

If you’re one of those people who absolutely adore their pet this idea might be funny. Nowadays, more and more people have changed the way they own and take care of their pets. Dogs, cats, ferrets and even rabbits are part of the family, with their own clothes, special food, medicine, hair care, treats, toys and more.

If you think your pet should be officially a part of the family, a fun and sentimental way to accomplish this is by holding a ceremony to award your pet its own fake birth certificate. Include your pet’s date of birth if you know it or at least the year, the place where they were born and of course their full name with the family’s last name. 

For your kid’s dolls

Kids can learn a lot from playing, in fact, playing games and with dolls is the best way for kids to learn social skills and good behaviours. If your kids have lots of dolls and love them like they were real babies, a cool way to connect with them, do something different and make them feel like they are in control of something is by having an “adoption ceremony” for the dolls.

Create or buy a fake certificate of birth for each of your kid’s dolls with the date you purchased them or they were gifted to your kid, the full given name and things like parents’ name and weight. Your kids will feel proud and gain a sense of responsibility.

To prank your siblings

The relationship you have with your siblings is hard to fake, it’s a natural flow of both love and teasing that only brothers and sisters understand. If you’re particularly good at the teasing and pranking side of a relationship with your siblings, you can have a little fun using a fake birth certificate.

If you have a brother or sister that you’re always teasing for looking very different than the rest, for liking weird things and you have a constant joke of how he/she’s the adopted one; prank them with a fake certificate of birth stating they were born in a crazy place or from different parents. Just remember to keep the prank light and only use the document for funny purposes!

To prank friends

Another fun idea for the prankster type of people. If you consider yourself a funny person who likes to make others crack up from the moment you meet them, a fake birth certificate can help you prank people on another level. Let’s say you meet someone and say you’re 20 years older than what you really are, or that you were born on the other side of the world. Naturally, this would be hard to believe, but once you take out your fake certificate of birth people are amazed and you can continue pranking them for a while, finally cracking everybody up.

There are very clever and creative ways you can take advantage of a fake birth certificate on a daily basis. Whether you decide on buying one online or using a template, this kind of documents can have a very personal meaning for little kids or your close family. Just remember they shouldn’t be used to try to fake a person’s identity for official purposes.