Funny ways to use novelty college degrees

We know most of the people browsing the internet for the most realistic novelty college degrees is probably going to use it to solve a pickle regarding their professional or personal life. But there’s also pretty fun ways in which you can make use of them to bond with people or straight up make fun of them in a healthy way. Keep reading to find out how to take advantage of a novelty college degree in a nonconventional way.

Great group activity

A cool thing about novelty college degrees is that they can be used to bond with the others and help create a light, amicable atmosphere among everyone. But how exactly can you achieve that? It’s quite simple.

Let’s say you’re in a class or at an office and you’re trying to make everybody not just get along but really become friends, a fun activity is to host a novelty college degrees ceremony. You can make votings beforehand to choose the funniest, the “Master of snoozing” and many other fake degrees. Integrating a group of people will not only lighten the mood, it can ultimately lead to better performance at either work or school.

Novelty college degrees are the perfect gag gifts

Christmastime is the perfect occasion for people to organize gift exchanges or even Secret Santa, this is specially fun when we’re talking about a close group of friends. If you’re in a gag gift exchange but you can’t come up with a good present that’ll really crack up the receiver and everybody else, novelty college degrees are the way to go.

Think of a very real flaw your friend possess and work with that. Remember to use very light and funny stuff and not serious or hurtful things that will make the mood tense. So, if for example your friend is the cheap one in the group, you can award him/her a “Ph.D. in saving coins” or something like that.

To make someone feel better

At some point in life, we’re all going to deal with a close friend or relative, or even our couple, going through a rough patch. When life kicks us, people react in very different ways. Some never stop smiling and having a positive attitude, some brush it off and move on, and some people feel bummed out and defeated.

If you know somebody that could use help to get out of a bad place in their life, a very recommended technique is to make them remember what they’re good at. Boosting up a person’s self confidence with a novelty college degree will not only give them the strength they need to move on, they’ll also feel loved and cherished by you. Awarding a loved one with a compliment they can always look at is a very noble thing to do.

Now you know there’s pretty cool, fun and harmless ways to use novelty college degrees. Now all you have to do is find the perfect occasion and think of that person you want to give such a “high merit” to!

Author: Donnell Kirby

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