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    Tyler R.

    I saw this site sells replica diplomas or fake ones. Spoke to somebody over the phone who said replica was more close to the actual diploma. It is a lot more money, and I have my doubts. Has anybody ordered a replica here before, is it worth it????


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    I purchased a fake one. Thought about the replica but wanted to save some money. I thought he fake was good enough. My sister thought it was real.

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    Tyler R.

    How real is real? Did your sister graduate from the same school you did, did she even know what a real one looked like? haha

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    No, she did not.

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    Kyle Rampell

    I actually purchased a replica diploma from my college in Arizona. I remember what my old one looked like and what they ultimately sent me was pretty fuging close. The replica option makes a huge difference because before that, I had ordered a fake model and it was a much more generic layout. Not at all close. I then spoke with the sample department and had them upgrade me to replica. It was a major difference.

    Well, worth the extra money if you have it Tyler.

    Plus they do the samples, so if it’s off, just downgrade to something else. Why not? I still feel it’s worth the difference.

    I personally like that I found this site. I ordered a diploma from Fake diploma Now awhile back and got screwed out of money. Took my money and ran. These guys are really nice. Really straightforward.

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    Tyler R.

    Thank you so much Kyle for writing back. I think I’m going with the replica now.

    Was this product you bought:


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    Yes, these guys helped me out big time when I needed. Very good people

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