How can I reach you?

If you have questions about fake diploma sites, have helpful tips to add or just want to say “hi”, our staff is here during weekdays. We usually respond to any email inquiries in under 24 hours but there may be a delay or two during weekends or if there is big holiday. Be sure to send a message here and we will get back with you.

How often do you update resources?

We tend to gather new information about particular diplomas and degrees being sold online and the sites that sell them almost daily. In some cases, little changes but when it does our resource articles are immediately updated and edited. We even have a number of articles that were updated as soon as this December.

How do I find specific resources?

Our site makes finding resources on subjects such as fake associates diplomas and fake degrees, rather simple. At the top of our site you will find a search field asking you what questions about have about novelty diplomas and degrees and more. The site will then scan through our database to find the resources that may be he most beneficial to you.