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A college or high school transcript is a record of the courses taken and credit earned during the completion of a college degree or high school diploma. Transcripts will have information on the amount of courses taken, the semester in which they were taken, the grades obtained and the GPA earned. They will also have the student’s personal information, such as the student’s full name, address, the degree program they are enrolled in and the university’s or high school’s name. The transcript is proof of the coursework a student has completed in order to obtain a degree or diploma. In many respects, the transcript is more important than the final diploma.

What is a fake transcript?

It is a falsified document, containing information about a degree that has not been obtained. Fake transcripts include information about courses, grades, and GPA that an individual has not earned; they may even falsify the name of the university or high school!

Fake transcripts can also be novelty items bought online, just like fake degrees or diplomas. However, these items are clearly labelled as “fake” and they are not meant to be used in lieu of a real college transcript or to pretend to have an education that the individual doesn’t have. Rather, fake transcripts are meant as entertainment or as conversation pieces.

There are other extenuating circumstances under which someone can buy a fake transcript online. Imagine the following scenario: you are applying for jobs and have been requested your college transcripts as part of the application process. Now, imagine that you do not have any copies of your transcripts because the university or college that granted you a degree is no longer in operation. Where are you supposed to get transcripts from if your university no longer exists? Using a fake diploma service, you can have a replacement transcript made to your specifications. Nevertheless, you should provide only accurate information if you are using a fake transcript as a replacement transcript. You should provide the accurate grades, GPA, and courses you took in college and accurately represent your degree major. Failing to do so can get you into trouble with your potential employer!