What is a Fake Postgradate Diploma?

Imagine that you want to impress your family and friends with a lofty title, such as “master” or “doctor.” Enrolling in a postgraduate degree program is the only sure way to achieve one of these titles. However, not everybody is ready to make a commitment to attend a graduate program, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the allure and benefits of having a postgraduate diploma and title in a résumé will lead individuals to pay exorbitant amounts of money for faux degrees that are not from accredited institutions, but from diploma mills. However, one can have a bit of fun by getting a fake postgraduate diploma from a diploma novelty vendor online.

The fake postgraduate diploma is a piece of paper bought from specialized diploma shops that are meant as decorative and novelty item, not as a substitution of a postgraduate diploma from an accredited institution. The goal of obtaining a fake postgraduate diploma is not to feign credentials in a résumé for employment purposes. Rather, it is a diploma without professional value meant as a conversation piece.

What information does a fake postgraduate diploma contain? It includes your full name and a postgraduate title, the name of a school (real or imagined), the discipline, and an official-looking seal. There are several types of postgraduate degrees or titles that can be used in these diplomas. Postgraduate degrees are usually divided between master’s degrees and doctorates. A master’s degree can be acquired after achieving a bachelor’s degree and they can be held in a variety of disciplines, from the humanities to the STEM disciplines.

Examples of fake post graduate master’s degrees are:

• Master of Arts (MA)
• Master of Science (MSc)
• Master of Literature (MLitt; more common in the UK)
• Master of Architecture (March)
• Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Doctorates have similar categorizations. A doctorate is the highest degree one can obtain in any given discipline; it is given after the successful completion and defence of a doctoral thesis of considerable length (usually 90,000-100,000 words long).

Examples of fake post graduate doctorates are:

• Doctor of Philosophy (PhD; the denomination used in the vast majority of the humanities)
• Doctor of Theology (ThD)
• Medical Doctor (MD)
• Doctor of Science (DSc)
• Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)
• Doctor of Education (EdD)
• Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)
• Doctor of Divinity (DD or DDiv)

Any of these titles can be used in a fake postgraduate diploma to provide an extra oomph factor to your diploma wall. Fake postgraduate diplomas are not meant to be used for illicit activities. They are merely a decorative diploma used for fun reasons!