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What is a Fake High School Diploma?

A fake high school diploma, like any fake diploma, is a certificate purchased from a fake diploma or novelty shop, often online, that can be customized to suit the buyer’s needs. These diplomas are quite popular because many people have not had the opportunity to finish their high school diploma and might want to remind themselves that they could potentially have that diploma. Fake high school diplomas can be bought online for an affordable price. They include the name of the student, of the high school, the GPA, signatures, and a realistic seal.

These types of novelty or fake diplomas are not meant to be used for employment or career purposes: despite their realistic look, it is very easy for an employer to verify if an individual has finished high school or not or if they are presenting falsified documents to obtain a job. If an employer discovers that an applicant has submitted false information or records to obtain a job, they will be easily discarded from the job competition or be fired if they have already been hired. It is best to be honest and upfront about one’s educational and professional background.

However, if what you want is to have a bit of fun, then a fake or novelty high school diploma might be a good idea! Their realistic appearance makes it perfect to display in an office or at home. They can be professionally framed for display and preservation purposes, which will maintain the diploma in excellent condition. You could also be a bit more humorous with your fake diploma: you could have it pretend you went to Hogwarts, for example! A fake diploma is the type of novelty item that starts conversations and creates amusement for the buyer and his friends.

High school diplomas are given to students who complete their secondary education. In the United States, secondary education is the end of mandatory basic and general knowledge education for individuals. The diploma consists of four years of secondary study, from Grades 9 to 12, in an accredited public or private high school. In the US, although there is a federal Department of Education, each state has its own Department of Education, which decides the curriculum, content, and teachers’ qualifications for its education system. Courses can be taken for credit depending on the state. Students often have to take courses in the following subjects: English, maths, sciences, history and/or social sciences, and physical education. However, schools can offer elective or technical courses in various subjects, such as a foreign language, fine arts and performance, woodworking, home economics, and others.

Today, most jobs require at least the completion of a high school diploma. The median gap between those who have a high school diploma and those who have more advanced degrees is $17,000 per year in the United States. This means that, although high school diploma holders do earn more than those who did not finish their secondary education, the high school diploma has lost value against college diplomas in general.