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What is a Fake GED Diploma?

A General Education Development (GED) certificate is a certification that states that an individual has the knowledge equivalent to a high school diploma. A GED cannot be completed by someone currently enrolled at a secondary institution or that has already graduated from high school. This certificate is given only to those individuals who have not finished high school for some reason and are impeded by several circumstances to enroll in a high school.

Although the GED stipulates that a person has the equivalent of a high school diploma, the GED and the high school diploma are not the same. In fact, a GED can be seen as inferior to a high school diploma because it does not require the student to be present in a classroom and because it condenses the content of four years of secondary education into a 7.5 hours exam. GEDs are completed in less time than it takes to complete high school. Some universities can actually refuse to accept students that have GEDs because this type of certificate does not require the individual to participate in extracurricular activities, interact with teachers and peers, and take other elective courses. GEDs are not recognized by foreign schools outside of the United States and Canada. They cannot be used for enrolling at a foreign school.

The GED is a test administered by the American Council of Education and developed by Pearson. This type of test has its number of detractors, so it has become controversial. It is also somewhat maligned by employers: while GED holders earn more than high school dropouts, the difference lies in the GED holders’ background and experience and not with holding the certificate itself. The GED has become more expensive for those students that really need to take the test, which is another detriment to obtaining this certification. Yet, the GED qualifies for financial aid in case a student wants to continue their education!

Like other fake diplomas in higher education, a fake GED certificate can be bought online from a novelty diploma shop. Students could also unknowingly buy a fake GED online if they do not verify the credentials of the company offering the GED. In the United States, like we mentioned above, the test is developed by Pearson and administered only in person at a certified test center. Although the number of GED test centers has grown in the US and Canada, students must research their options first to make sure they are not falling victims of online scams.

However, because the GED is a test only administered in person by a specific company and because the certificate is not as desirable for employers, it is recommended that students aim to complete their high school diploma or take credit courses at a community college that can be used towards entering a two- or four-year degree. Many community colleges do not require students to have a high school diploma or GED to enroll! The GED remains, nonetheless, the first port of call to college for students who did not have the opportunity to finish their high school diploma.