What is Fake Doctorate Degree?

What is a Fake Doctorate Diploma?

A doctorate is the highest type of academic degree attainable. The requirements and varieties of doctorates are rather numerous, but a doctorate in general has a combination of taught and research components in the United States, Canada, and the Americas. In the U.S., students are expected to complete up to two years of postgraduate courses—in many cases, students wanting to do a doctorate need to enroll in a postgraduate program that combines master’s and doctoral degrees. After the completion of these two years of courses, students earn their master’s degree and from the third year onwards they work on a research project with a supervisor or supervisory committee.

The research project is the main part of the doctorate. It is usually between 50,000 and 100,000 words long and it supposes a considerable and innovative contribution to a field of study. Universities outside North America, particularly in the United Kingdom, do not have any taught component to their doctoral programs; rather, students enroll in a three-year doctoral program and do research only. In North America and in most doctoral programs, students are required to be teaching assistants as part of their training and funding packages.

You can obtain a doctorate in a variety of disciplines: a Doctor of Philosophy (or Ph.D.) is the degree obtained in the arts and humanities and they can be obtained in literature, languages, history, cultural studies, social sciences, among other disciplines. There are Doctors of Education (Ed.D.) and of Theology (Th.D.), and there are medical doctors, or MDs, which require several years of specialization and residence. Ph.D.s can also be obtained in STEM disciplines, for example in applied mathematics and theoretical physics, like Stephen Hawking. Doctors in scientific disciplines are not the same as medical doctors—they work in laboratories rather than curing people of diseases!

There are degrees that contain the name “doctor” but are, in fact, not always considered doctoral degrees. The Juris Doctor degree is recognized as a professional doctorate in the United States but it has the standing of a second-entry undergraduate degree in Canada and of a master’s degree in Australia. The Juris Doctor, a taught doctoral degree, is one of the Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) degrees awarded.

A fake doctorate diploma is a type of novelty or fake diploma that can be bought online from a shop specializing in reproducing diplomas. It includes the name of the buyer, the name of a school of their choice, the degree and major, a graduation date, official-looking signatures, and sometimes a golden or silver seal that looks authentic. Although the diploma is meant to look as authentic as possible, fake doctorate diplomas are not meant as a substitution of a real, official doctoral degree. They are bought for entertainment purposes, to impress friends and family, and to have a bit of fun. Websites sell these types of diplomas for up to $500. Because they are expensive, they are often bought to replace a diploma already earned and to be framed professionally and displayed.