How to Get Fake Diplomas Online?

You are now convinced: you want to get your own fake diploma for the sake of having a fun conversation piece or decorative certificate on your office wall. So, how do you purchase a fake diploma? The solution is often found online: there are multiple online novelty diploma shops that can help you. What can you expect from the process? How does it all work?

Online novelty diploma shops over a comprehensive variety of certificates and diplomas to choose from. The ordering process is usually very simple. Choose the diploma or certificate you want to buy, fill out the corresponding order form, and proceed to checkout. The diploma will be mailed to your address once payment and processing is complete. The information you need to complete your order is usually the following: the name of the school you want on the document, your full name (or the name of the “student” if you are ordering it for someone else), the degree and major you would like in the diploma, the date of graduation, and other options, such as folders or covers for the diploma, whether you would like additional copies of the diploma, and any other instructions for the company. Most companies are able to replicate diplomas from US, Canadian, and other international schools, so the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your order.

Most companies will guarantee that the diploma features realistic signatures, fonts, word choice and phrasing, seals, and even embossed paper for transcripts. They will replicate paper stock and color for your diploma. This attention to detail adds to the excitement of having your own fake diploma and it enhances the quality of the product overall.

You can also order a fake diploma online when you would like a reproduction of your own university diploma(s). If you’d like to duplicate your diploma so you can have a framed copy at home and one in your office, an online diploma shop can help you. Because they reproduce diplomas as faithfully as possible, you can have a high-quality copy of your diploma shipped directly to you from an online diploma company.

Fake diplomas are also useful if, for some reason, your original document was damaged or lost. If that is the case, you should contact your university to have the diploma replaced, but in case the replacement takes weeks to arrive to your door, a fake diploma can help you replace your original document, if only temporarily.

However, these diplomas are not meant to be used as a substitute for a post secondary diploma or degree. They are not meant for professional or career purposes: do not use your diploma to lie about your credentials to a future or present employer or to obtain any type of financial advantage. The fake diploma is not a substitute for a record of higher education: they are simply meant as novelty items that bring enjoyment to the buyer, as decorative pieces to place on display for entertainment purposes.