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Associate’s degrees are often a great, quick academic choice for students who are interested in obtaining jobs in more technical careers or who are not fully sold on completing a bachelor’s degree. An Associate’s degree in the United States is a two-year undergraduate program that can be completed usually at a community or junior college and it gives students a foundation on a specific field (like nursing, for example) or a more general education. Associate’s degrees can be use as gateways to a four-year bachelor’s degree because many of the general studies credits acquired during the associate’s can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program. That way, students can fast-track their education, obtaining both an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in just four years.

In the United Kingdom, associate’s degrees do not exist as such. Instead, the British offer what is known as foundation diplomas, which are usually one-year courses that are highly specialized in content. Since the English university model does not have the liberal arts education component, students do not get general studies courses like they do in the US.

Associate’s degrees are an attractive educational option because they do constitute postsecondary education but they take less time to complete than your average four-year degree. The associate’s degree program can, therefore, be a more financially sound option since credits tend to be cheaper in an associate’s degree program than in a bachelor’s degree program. Both the time and cost per credit means that students will save money on their postsecondary education if they enroll in an associate’s degree.

Sometimes, a student’s high school GPA or SAT scores are not high enough to enter a bachelor’s degree program. Associate’s degrees often have less or more lenient entry requirements, which gives opportunity for those students with lower GPAs to raise their grades and, if they want to, continue their education at a four-year program.

What is a Fake Associates Diploma?

Fake associate’s diplomas, like other fake diplomas, can be bought on the Internet from a novelty diploma shop that specializes in producing high-quality fake diplomas for people who want to buy a fake diploma as a practical joke, as a gift for friends and family, or to replace a real diploma that has been damaged in some way. These types of diploma are customized with the buyer’s name, school of choice (including fake schools!), major or specialization (this can also be fake or outrageous), and will include a real-looking seal and signatures.

Now, if you are looking to complete your postsecondary education online, and are interested specifically in an associate’s degree, there are good options for you! However, be careful to review the credentials of the online school you wish to enroll in: many fake online schools, also known as diploma mills, will promise a degree in a very short amount of time. You can read more about diploma mills and how to identify them (and avoid them) in our diploma mill section.