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Replica Diploma

Have you ever dreamed of getting your name on a fancy college diploma? How about a diploma for graduate studies? Maybe like George Costanza you have imagined calling yourself an “architect” or placing those desirable “M.A.” or “Ph.D.” letters after your name. You probably know people who paid a lot of money for their education […]

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Have you considered getting a diploma? The word “diploma” has a dual meaning in education: it is the physical certificate proving that an individual has taken and passed the required courses for a degree, but it can also refer to a specific type of higher education-level coursework that is short in duration (usually one to […]

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College Diploma

What is a college diploma? In the United States, a “college” is the colloquial name of any type of post-secondary higher education institution, whether it is an actual college, giving our technical instruction, a four-year university, or a community college. For Americans, colleges are institutions where students can acquire postsecondary academic degrees. There are degrees […]

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Faux Diplomas

In a world of increasing competition for decent jobs, degrees have become more important than ever to increase an individual’s chance at improving their careers. Postsecondary studies are more popular than ever: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 33% of Americans aged 25 or over have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. That is the […]

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Fake Postgradate Diploma

What is a Fake Postgradate Diploma? Imagine that you want to impress your family and friends with a lofty title, such as “master” or “doctor.” Enrolling in a postgraduate degree program is the only sure way to achieve one of these titles. However, not everybody is ready to make a commitment to attend a graduate […]

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Fake Diplomas Online

How to Get Fake Diplomas Online? You are now convinced: you want to get your own fake diploma for the sake of having a fun conversation piece or decorative certificate on your office wall. So, how do you purchase a fake diploma? The solution is often found online: there are multiple online novelty diploma shops […]

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Diploma or Degree

What is the distinction between a certificate, a diploma, and a degree? Certificates, diplomas, and degrees are all post secondary study options. The main difference between these three options is the length of study and the amount of credits required for their completion. In terms of educational components, certificates and diplomas do not require general […]

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Budget Diploma

Is there such thing as a budget diploma? Getting a university education is a costly endeavor. Studies show that, although the United States remains international students’ top choice for university options, it is the most expensive one: parents have to contribute an average of US$58,464 per year for a university degree. In other countries, such […]

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Diploma Mill

What is a diploma mill? A diploma mill is an unaccredited online institution, usually with no brick-and-mortar presence, that promise prospective students to compensate their previous work experience for a degree. These “institutions” are not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education, the Middle States Association, or the Council on Higher Education. Since the “degrees” […]

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Phony Diploma

What is a Phony Diploma? A phony diploma is a diploma obtained from an institution that is not accredited by an official accreditation entity in the United States or in other countries, that requires individuals to pay upfront for the whole degree without giving courses, that usually gives diplomas to whomever can prove his or […]

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