How to get novelty diploma replacements?

We’ll paint a scary picture for you: you’ve been bragging about your studies and preparations with your work colleagues all week. “Okay, let’s see that fancy diploma then!”. You get home and suddenly wonder “Where did I leave my diploma?”. You empty all of your drawers, you open every binder, you even check under the bed looking for that piece of paper that credits you as a graduate but it just won’t appear. Face it, you lost your diploma.

Misplacing school documents is a very common thing since you don’t use them as often as, say, you ID, birth certificate or other personal papers. When that happens you don’t just feel dumb for forgetting where you left it, you also think of all the money and time it will take you to request for a new one at your school. And that is only if the school agrees to do it. That’s why getting novelty diploma replacements is a choice dropped from heaven.

So, novelty diploma replacements are basically exact replicas of your high school, college or other type of diploma. They are designed based on the original format and include the same font, layout, signatures and even the official seals are identical. It’s safe to say that novelty diploma replacements are practically unrecognizable to the common eye. At this point you’re probably thinking this is the most practical option to solve your problem.

But how do I get novelty diploma replacements?

When people hear about novelty papers they get scared because they imagine this black market thing where they’ll have to pay in bitcoins and receive their documents in a dark alley. The truth is, if you use them properly and for good intentions, there’s nothing wrong with getting novelty diploma replacements and they’ll save you some major headaches.

Obtaining them is quite simple, browse the internet  through the many, many websites dedicated to offer these services. As you would with any other business, make sure the site is trustworthy and it gives you confidence to order from there. Search for guarantee seals, reviews and safe payment methods. When you decide on a website you’ll find extensive catalogs filled with novelty diploma replacements, as well as packs that contain not only the diploma but the transcript and degree.

Browse carefully until you find your college or school, if you can’t find it try to contact the page, many of them offer to look for the school you need and if they can’t find it they’re honest about not being able to help. If you do find it, be thorough when writing your name, date of graduation and if you remember even your grades. The more you can remember about the original, the more accurate the novelty diploma replacements will be.

Once you send your information make your payment and voilá! In a few days or weeks (depending on the page and your location) you’ll get your documents. Some websites offer to show you a preview for free before sending the real thing so that you check everything looks right. Before you know it you’ll have the perfect novelty diploma replacement in your hands and the best part is only you’ll know the truth!

What can I do with a novelty GED?

Nowadays, there’s a fast growing demand for getting novelty diplomas and transcripts for colleges, universities and high schools. This is very sought out to solve many day to day personal issues or just for motivational or funny purposes. Another thing that gets looked up a lot are novelty GED certificates. But is it really worth it to request for one of those documents? Do you even know what they’re for? Keep reading to find out.

First off, what is a GED?

We should probably start by explaining what a GED is and how is it different from a high school diploma. When you hear about high school diplomas, you probably already know it’s the piece of paper that credits and acknowledges a person completed successfully high school with all its courses. Although GED serves the same purpose as the diploma it is not the same thing. Getting a GED (General Equivalency Development) means taking several exams to prove a person has a high school level education. The person who gets a GED must not be enrolled in high school because you can only get one or the other.

So, what can I use a novelty GED certificate for?

Now that you know exactly what a GED is, there’s still the question of “what is a novelty GED good for?”. We should start off by saying it’s never advisable to use fake diplomas, certificates or transcripts to try and fool a school, company authority or for any professional matters; not only it’s likely you won’t accomplish your goal, you could get in serious trouble. That being said, there are some pretty useful and cool ways to use a novelty GED certificate.

Some people feel a little self conscious about the fact that they don’t have a document that certifies their knowledge although the preparation might be the same between someone with studies and someone without them. If this is the case for you a great way to boost your confidence, and maybe even stop people from bothering you, is to get a novelty GED. It’ll do no harm and you’ll instantly feel better by having it.

Another great way to take advantage of a novelty GED certificate is to materialize a reward, and from then work hard to achieve a goal. It’s no secret that school can be the best investment to secure a comfortable future, and there’s many people who sadly haven’t had the chance to go to school. When you see with your own eyes what you can get with a little effort, it’s less probable that you’ll give up when trying to get a real GED. Psychologically speaking, these sort of treats can instantly give you a sense of inner power and self confidence.

Now you know some ways in which a novelty GED can be truly helpful for you. There is no shame in trying to make yourself feel a little better with the help of a little shiny piece of paper that reflects your true potential.

Uses you can give to a novelty high school diploma

You probably know by now that there are many websites on the internet dedicated to selling personalized diplomas, certificates, degrees and transcripts from real schools. While most of their clients are looking for college or university papers, you can still find in their catalog a lot of realistic templates of novelty high school diplomas. You might be wondering if these are good for something and the answer is yes! Novelty high school diplomas have lots of uses, some of them not in the way you think but all of them very sought by people.

Personal Replacement

One of the most common uses you can give a novelty high school diploma is to replace a lost or misplaced one. It happens a lot that you receive your high school papers and, thinking you’ll never need them again, you place them carelessly in your house. If this is the case and you need to show your diploma to enroll college or some other procedure, a novelty high school diploma with your actual information will probably do the job, although no website promises the diploma can be successfully used as a fake document for official purposes.

Temporary Replacement

As well as being used as a replacement for a misplaced document, novelty high school diplomas can serve as a temporary paper, for that time when you still haven’t received the real diploma but you need to show it somewhere or you just want to display it. Another professional way of using a novelty high school diploma is to having something shiny to hang on your office.

Many people work at offices where they receive their clients, and they believe that a good way to look more prepared and professional is to have lots of diplomas hanging on the wall. Now, since it’s always better to be honest, every document counts; so hanging your high school diploma can be a good idea. Bad news is, not many people find their high school diplomas or maybe they look very damaged, so they turn to novelty high school diplomas to have something new and clean to display. 

Motivational Tool

Moving on to more “colloquial” ways to use a novelty high school diploma, there’s people who believe having a reminder of the reward will help you achieve your goal successfully. Let’s say you have a friend or relative that’s having a hard time finishing high school, a cool way to pep them up is to make them a novelty high school diploma to show them how it will feel when they finally hold the real thing in their hands, product of their efforts and hard work. Sometimes these reminders can boost someone’s morale.

Novelty Document

Finally, one of the most fun and used ways to use novelty diplomas is to award people based on ridiculous or funny qualities, abilities or characteristics. A graduating high school generation can hold a mock diploma ceremony to acknowledge “the class clown”, “the drama queen”, “the best dancer” , “the best couple”, “the sleepyhead” and some more. Not only will you and your schoolmates crack up with the diplomas, you’ll hold a dear memory of one of the best times of your life.