Can a fake diploma help you get a Visa?

Seeing the world is an experience like no other. Being able to visit new parts of the world and exploring different cultures really makes you a richer person. And when you get the chance to spend a big amount of time in a new place, and even relocate permanently, it feels like getting a second home. The amount of people who travel and change countries because of their jobs or just to explore other places is incredible. With such a heavy flow of people leaving and entering countries, immigration offices have their hands full with applications for permits to travel or live overseas. As you might know, these permits are better known as passports or Visa, depending on the country of residence and final destination.

If you’re about to make a huge trip to a new country or if you’re trying to relocate either temporarily or permanently, you’ve probably already started doing your research on what you need in order to get those permits. Some countries are very open and flexible with the people who enter their country, while some others are very strict and request for many documents from the person who wants to visit or stay in their country. If you’re looking to process a passport or Visa and you’re wondering if having a fake diploma could improve your chances of getting accepted, keep reading this post.

Why would you need a diploma to obtain a passport/Visa?

Let’s start with the basics. A passport is a travelling document that must be issued by your own country as a way of representing you and giving you permission to leave your motherland. In most countries getting a passport isn’t a big deal, you need only to hand some basic information and personal documents, make your payment and you’re done. But a Visa is a different story.

A Visa is a special permission that the country you want to visit or stay at has to emit to you so you’re authorize to enter. Visas have very different requirements but most of them are looking to find out more about your socioeconomic level, and that includes your academic degree. Given this common request it’s normal that people who’re about to process a passport or Visa want to have all of their papers in order, and this includes certificates or degrees that prove their education.

What a diploma represents in the eyes of immigration

Since the immigration department of any countries is in charge of taking care of national security regarding foreign threats, they do everything they can to make sure the people who visit or stay at their country has only good intentions and that’s not there to do things like work illegally or commit felonies. As a visitor or potential new resident, it is your job to demonstrate to a country that you have no intentions of doing any harm, and if you’re staying you must also prove that you’re a valuable asset that could help the economy grow instead of represent a burden.

In the eyes of immigration, a diploma means that you come from a medium to high socioeconomic level and that you were able to receive superior education, which means both that you won’t take part in illicit actions and that you can work in that country doing some real contributions to their economy. (i.e doctors, architects, engineers, etc)

Should you get a fake diploma to obtain your Visa or passport?

Now that we’ve stated how exactly can having a diploma could improve your odds of getting a passport or Visa approved by a country’s government, it’s important to mention if this is a good idea. Now, we know not all people are able to get their degrees no matter how much they want it, some people never had the time or opportunity to go to college and some other simply misplaced or lost their original diplomas. These people might be tempted to look for an easy way out and buy a fake diploma in order to convince immigration that they’re qualified professionals.

We strongly encourage you to NOT try to use a fake diploma to obtain a Visa or passport. While these types of personal documents can have very beneficial effects in your personal life -like improve your self esteem, boost your confidence and help you set goals you can later reach- fake diplomas are no valuable or official outside of simple entertainment purposes, or when you misplaced an original diploma and you want to replace it.

Even though you might feel like it’s a good idea to help your case by submitting a fake diploma that shows your level of studies, remember that all immigration departments run pretty thorough background checks on their applicants. Once a background check is being done, the truth will be revealed and you could get in many trouble. Not only can your application be denied, you could also get banned from the country for many years or permanently.

What’s the best fake diploma maker?

Whether it is for personal reasons -such as to give yourself more confidence and get rid of insecurities- or for professional reasons -such as to replace a damaged or lost diploma-, it’s no secret that fake diploma makers are one of the most popular virtual businesses around. In just a few clicks you can have sent to your door an exact replica of your old diploma or a perfect creation of an official college diploma so you can use it as you see fit (while it’s never recommended to try to use it for illicit purposes). If you’ve chosen to buy a fake diploma but you don’t know where to order it, check out how to pick a trustworthy site and what are the most popular fake diploma makers around.

What to look for in a fake diploma maker

It might be easy to get confused because internet is filled with thousands of websites that state they’re fake diploma makers. While there are many who do a great job and you can fully trust them, there are plenty of them that only want to take your money and either send you nothing or send you a very poor quality diploma that can barely pass as a real one. When scrolling through fake diploma maker websites there are some signs you should pay attention to. Try to check out all of the catalog and see what Universities they offer diplomas from, you should be able to find the most popular ones and they should look pretty convincing. A reliable fake diploma maker should display real pictures of their work and they should offer customer support as well as several secure payment methods.

How to buy a fake diploma

The process of acquiring a fake diploma shouldn’t have to be so hard (this is another sign that you’re buying from a trustworthy site). The process is pretty much the same in all websites: you scroll through their catalog until you find the college you want/need, you select the product and input all of your personal information: full name, year of graduation, degree and even GPA. Once you’ve put all the information needed you can proceed to make your order and you should receive a preview of the diploma so you  can double check the data and make any corrections if needed. Once you give the fake diploma maker the green light, you’ll receive it right to your door in a matter of weeks.

The most popular fake diploma makers

Getting a fake diploma is no funny business (although sometimes it can be). Since you’re about to invest your money and you deserve to receive only the best quality work, it’s important that you pick only the best fake diploma makers around. Even though these are not the only ones worth mentioning, we wanted to include some of the most popular websites where you can shop for a fake diploma to fulfill your personal or professional purposes.

Probably one of the most popular shop based out of the United States, has a very solid array of online stores around the world. This store has a 97% rate of quality from customers, receiving practically only great reviews for the work they deliver. You can find almost any kind of diploma or certificate and the quality of the papers is top notch, with very careful attention to details such as fonts, type of paper and embossed seals. But probably the best feature about this website is their customer support that’s available 24/7 to answer your questions.

This website can pretty much compete in every aspect with the first one mentioned above. The only noticeable difference is that the quality of the work might be a tad lower, but given that the prices are also lower it seems only fair. If you’re not a very demanding person and you want to save a couple of bucks you can order from this fake diploma maker and still get a high quality certificate to display and show around.

Although this is a relatively new website, the reviews seem to show it’s a pretty high quality fake diploma maker. states that they only offer a line of novelty diplomas, from some of the most known universities around the world. This website delivers a lot of international orders and they also offer one of the best customer support services around.

As you can see, internet is filled with good-quality fake diploma makers. While choosing the best service can be a little confusing, it’s important that you thoroughly check that the website you choose has some of the features we mentioned above. Pay close attention to the information you deliver and don’t be afraid to ask all of the questions you’d like before you make your purchase. In no time, you’ll have in your hands a perfect fake diploma to hang in your living room or to show to your colleagues.

How to use fake Diplomas for sale

Fake diplomas are not uncommon these days. People love to buy them to achieve several goals with them; from personal reasons to getting respected at work. If you’ve been thinking about getting a fake diploma but you’re not sure how this could make your life better, keep reading to find out different ways to use them.

Getting a fake Diploma to improve your self esteem

On this day and age, it’s pretty common to feel pressure to be the best in your professional and academic life. With more and more graduates it feels like having a degree is the least thing you can have in your hands to be considered smart and capable. Many people feel discouraged, depressed and like they’re worth less when they don’t have a diploma to back up their experience and expertise. Getting a fake diploma is the best way to remind yourself that your knowledge is worth something, that your expertise is valuable for others and that you are capable of doing whatever you choose to do. 

Wow your colleagues 

Have you ever been on an office meeting or work reunion and have to sit silent while all of your colleagues are bragging about their degrees and academic accomplishments? This situation is not uncommon and it can be pretty awkward for you, because not having a degree  doesn’t make you less fit to share a position with other people who went to college. If you want to put an end to this feeling and start showing that you’re just as prepared as the other people in your office, getting a fake diploma is the best way to do it. Just have it prepared with your personal info and proudly display it in your office so your colleagues see just how smart you are. 

Mock your friends 

Fake diplomas can also help you make a really good prank on a buddy of yours. If you consider yourself as the prankster of the group, you might want to consider getting on one of those fake diploma online stores and get a diploma for your friend. The cool thing about these stores is that they have endless designs to pick from. You can make ridiculous degrees and even use fake universities, and get it framed to give it a more solemn look. Let’s say you have one friend who’s always arguing with everyone, it might be fun to gift them a Law Degree because they love to fight with people. Everyone will have a good laugh out of your gag gift.

Protect your personal documents 

Let’s face it, we don’t live in a safe world anymore. Many people are so scared of crimes that they want to keep all of their most valuable belongings in a safe place. It’s pretty common to store your personal documents and cash money in a safe or at least under the bed, but this means you won’t be able to display important files such as your college diploma. If this is your case and you wish you could still hand your diploma on your living room but you don’t want to expose the real one, getting a fake diploma is your best choice.  Order an identical copy of your diploma and no one will notice the difference between the real one and the fake one. This way, it doesn’t matter what happens to the duplicate, you’ll still have the original one safe. 

Display it on several places 

There are many people who hold a very special feeling for their diplomas. These people value their education more than anything in the world and they consider their academic accomplishments as something word showing off everywhere they can. If this is your  case, then you know how frustrating it can be the fact that your school only gave you one diploma. While this is normal because colleges must make sure you’re not making bad use of a duplicate, there is something you can do to fix this problem. Get a fake diploma that looks exactly like the real one and you’ll be able to display your degree in both your home and your office. 

Cheer someone up 

One of the best ways in which you can use a fake diploma is to boost someone else’s self esteem. If you have a friend or relative who’s having a rough time in their lives because they feel they’re not worthy of a good job, gifting them a fake diploma is a very nice gesture. Getting someone a fake diploma can remind them that anything they set their mind on is possible, that they’re capable of doing great things and that their experience and knowledge are valuable for others.

As you see, buying and using fake diplomas can make you and other people feel better about themselves in so many aspects. Know that you’ve realized you how many ways are there to take advantage of fake degrees, the only thing left to do is find the right fake diploma store and get yours. 

How to buy fake diplomas that look real (with examples)

Whether you’re just starting to dip your toe in the professional world or you’ve been in it for many years, you’re probably aware of the importance employers, co-workers, friends and even relatives give to the physical proof of your education. Yes, many people take pretty good care of their diplomas but some other either got theirs lost or damaged, or they never had a chance of getting their real diploma. When this happens one of the best solutions around are fake diploma websites. These amazing online stores can bring you confidence and motivation, all in one piece of paper. If you’re looking to buy a fake diploma but you’re scared that you might get scammed, check out our easy guide with tips to pay attention to in order to find only diplomas that look like the real deal.

Find a reliable website that sells fake diplomas

Before we even get to list the details you should pay attention to in the diploma you’d like to buy, it’s important that you find the best fake diploma website around. You’re probably going to see thousands of websites if you search for “fake diploma website”, and they’re all going to promise they deliver the best quality work at the best price. But there are some signs that should tell you if a fake diploma maker is really trustworthy. First off, check that the company has some of the most common payment methods, and that they include security filters to protect your banking information. A good website shouldn’t have grammar mistakes or typos and it should display clearly all of their prices and the purchase process. Lastly, make sure the website has a fas-response customer support, this way you’ll know there will always be somebody to answer your questions or to follow up on your order.

Type of paper

Now that you opted for a fake diploma website, it’s time to start checking the diploma you want in order to see if it has a believable quality. The first thing to pay attention to is the paper. Even though you can’t get a feel of the paper your diploma will be printed on, you can still see it in zoom (or at least the website should have very high-quality pictures of their products). The paper  shouldn’t look plain or cheap, it should have texture and look aged like the one of a real diploma. Some websites even state the type of paper they use on each diploma so you can go to a store and check out the real-life appearance.

Fonts used

The fonts used in a fake diploma say much about the quality of the company that’s making them. You should look closely at the font because it needs to be exactly the same as the college it states it’s from. If the fake diploma is referring to no particular university, you should still check that the font seems formal and that it makes the document seem legitimate. Use your common sense in this area and identify fonts that you’d typically never see in such an important piece of paper and try to check for real diplomas from friends and relatives to compare the letters.

Spelling and grammar

This point should be a given but many people still don’t pay much attention to it. Before you purchase a fake diploma from a website make sure to read the sample of the article very carefully. Look for any spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and even typos. A tiny grammar mistake can discredit the veracity of your diploma and will make it pointless. In addition to checking for grammar mistakes you should also check for typos, that show the diploma is made carelessly.

Truthful information

When you’re scrolling through fake diplomas and you find one that you really liked and caught your attention, make sure that the information displayed in it is completely true. And we don’t mean the information you send out to the website such as your name and dates (although you should also check this before accepting the order). We mean all of that information that’s imprinted in a diploma should make sense, such as the city and state where the University’s from, that the dates make sense and aren’t actual like you just graduated, that the GPA is a believable number, etc.

Check for the little details

Last but not least, you should pay close attention to those little details it would be easy to forget before completing your order. Check that the seals are actually embossed and that they’re not just printed in the paper, check that the markings on the diploma are actually engraved and check that the format of the dating is correct and matches that of a real diploma.

Finding the best fake diplomas doesn’t have to be such a big deal. If you pay attention and you follow the tips on this list you’ll be able to detect the best real-looking diplomas around in a matter of minutes. Pick the one of your choice and you’ll have in your hands a fake diploma that could fool everyone.